Small business surveillance

Small business profits can evaporate because of shoplifting and employee theft.
Also, your store may not run as efficiently when you’re not there.
Accidents in your premises can result in expensive lawsuits.
Video surveillance can save your small business from losing money.
Superioor Gate Systems LLC representatives are experts on small business video surveillance.
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Commercial & industrial

Superioor Gate Systems LLC is highly experienced with security for large facilities.
Whether you need a low-light infrared night-view camera system, a license tag recognition system or a networked IP camera system, Superior Gate Systems LLC has a solution.
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Security cameras for your home

The value of security cameras for home use is obvious.
With lower costs and ever-improving technology, home security cameras are a must.
The ability to view your property in real-time using your smartphone has created an explosion of interest.
Once you have security cameras you’ll never want to be without.

Security cameras enhance security, add convenience and increase the safety of your family.
Do you have questions about security cameras for your home?
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Smartphone video app

No matter where you are, you can keep an eye on the things that are important to you.
Indoor cameras can be used for the living area, baby’s room or a room with valuables.
Outdoor cameras can watch the back patio, a swimming pool, the front entry door, boat, motor home or vehicles or your yard.

All video can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet. The video can also be recorded and permanently retained.

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